2008 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: West Bracket

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ESPN is giving you the opportunity to make 10 brackets, so while I concentrate on figuring out my final 'true' bracket I figured out a way to stupidly decide the games. The move was to pit the best NBA representative from each team against each other. If the team does not have an NBA rep than they used their leading scorer from their tournament team.

Check out the breakdown: Final Four, East Regional, West Regional, South Regional, Midwest Regional

1st Round

Baron Davis (UCLA) over Carl Lucas* (Missippi Valley St.)
BD handles college kids with ease.

Acie Law IV (Texas A&M) over Lee Cummard* (BYU)
Acie Law is essentially a College All American.

Courtney Lee* (Western Kentucky) over Josh Young* (Drake)
In an all college matchup the edge goes to the higher scoring Lee.

Ray Allen (UConn) over Brandon Johnson* (San Diego)
Ray Allen certainly wouldn't have a problem here.

Brad Miller (Purdon't) over Brian Skinner (Baylor)
Both are now past their primes, but Miller still gives his team solid minutes.

David West (Xavier) over Damien Wilkins (Georgia)
West would be able to dominate Wilkins in the post.

Gilbert Arenas (Arizona) over Joe Alexander* (West Virginia)
Joe Alexander is an entertaining player, but no match for Arenas.

Carlos Boozer (Duke) over Justin Hare* (Belmont)
Boozer gets by with ease.

2nd Round

Baron Davis (UCLA) over Acie Law IV (Texas A&M)
BD treats Acie like he's still in college.

Ray Allen (UConn) over Courtney Lee* (Western Kentucky)
Allen gets to the sweet 16 without a tester.

David West (Xavier) over Brad Miller (Purdon't)
The younger west is too much for Miller.

Gilbert Arenas (Arizona) over Carlos Boozer (Duke)
The size vs. speed matchup. The person with the ball has the significant advantage. The edge goes to Arenas because I hate Duke.

Sweet 16

Baron Davis (UCLA) over Ray Allen
The difference here is where they are in their careers, Allen is an oft injured Superstar just past his prime. Davis is an oft injured superstar smack in his prime.

Gilbert Arenas (Arizona) over David West (Xavier)
West is a slightly worse version of Boozer. Arenas handles him as well.

Elite 8

Baron Davis (UCLA) over Gilbert Arenas (Arizona)
This certainly would be an enjoyable matchup to watch. Two overly similar players with similar offensive abilities. Davis gets the slight edge due to a strength advantage.

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