Day 1 = Chalk

Friday, March 21, 2008

~If day 1 is any indicator of the entire tournament than we should expect a whole lot of chalk for the entire tournament. Only 2 'upsets' occured and neither were particularly surprising. Kansas St. has the most talented player in the country and has shown flashes of terrific basketball. So them beating USC is not particularly surprising. I probably picked this 50/50 in my brackets. The other 'upset' was #9 A&M over BYU. I don't think I picked BYU in a single bracket other than the one where I made every single pick chalk. That game was not surrprising at all.

~Fear not Duke haters it is simply a matter of time before the Blue Devils get knocked off. Sure it would have beehalfn great if they lost to Belmont. It would have been epically embarrasing and hilarious and forever enjoyable. Unfortuantely they decided they didn't want to stop Gerald from going coast to coast. Oh well, it's only a matter of time before Duke loses. There is 100% no chance Duke is good enough to win the National title.

~Kent St. was averaging one basket per commercial break in the first half until they finally broke out for their 10th point before the half. Perhaps next year if you make the tournament again you should put the ball in the basket a couple times.

~Speaking of scoring. 29 points? I know you were playing a #1 seed and you play in a shit conference in the SWAC, but still Miss Valley St. has to be pretty ashamed with their performance.

~To be completely honest the first day was a bit dull. The laste games didn't offer much excitement. The early games were all pulled out pretty well in the final minutes. Hopefully we get a bit more excitement today.

~Overall my picks were pretty solid. I've got two of my brackets in a pool. The first which I showed yesterday is 14-2. Losing USC who I had in the Sweet 16 and Purdon't. The other bracket is 15-1 losing only a Winthrop upset over Wazzu.

~Today will consist of all hoops watching and all boozing. So chances are the posts end now.

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