2008 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: East Bracket

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ESPN is giving you the opportunity to make 10 brackets, so while I concentrate on figuring out my final 'true' bracket I figured out a way to stupidly decide the games. The move was to pit the best NBA representative from each team against each other. If the team does not have an NBA rep than they used their leading scorer from their tournament team.

1st Round

Vince Carter (UNC) over Play In
Vince Carter would certainly handle a college kid.

Joe Johnson (Arkansas) over Jared Jeffries (Indiana)
Joe Johnson is way to talented to be defeated by a Knick.

Troy Murphy (Notre Dame) over Will Thomas* (George Mason)
I'll give the edge to the person who puts up solid numbers in the NBA over the person who puts up solid numbers against mid majors.

Derrick Low* (Washington St.) over Michael Jenkins*(Winthrop)
My knowledge of both these players is limited.

Jameer Nelson (St. Joe's) over Eduardo Najera (Oklahoma)
Eduardo is a tough player, but he isn't that good.

Francisco Garcia (Louisville) over Coby Karl (Boise St.)

Mike Green* (Butler) vs. Demetric Bennett* (South Alabama)
Um I guess I'll take one of Butler's guards.

CJ Watson (Tennessee) vs. Garrison Carr* (American)
CJ Watson, that's all UT has given to the NBA. I guess he gets the edge over Carr, whom I've never seen play.

2nd Round

Joe Johnson (Arkansas) over Vince Carter (UNC)
Big time all star matchup but the edge goes to the youth in Joe Johnson's legs.

Troy Murphy (Notre Dame) over Derrick Low (Wazzu)
Again the edge to Murphy over a collegiate.

Francisco Garcia (Louisville) over Jameer Nelson (St. Joe's)
A tough matchup. Both were terrific collegiate players, the edge goes to Garcia due to his size advantage.

CJ Miles (Tennessee) over Mike Green* (Butler)
I guess I'll take the NBA scrub over a mid major all star.

Sweet 16

Joe Johnson (Arkansas) over Troy Murphy (Notre Dame)
Joe Johnson has too much athleticism for Troy Murphy to handle.

Francisco Garcia (Louisville) over DJ Miles (Tennessee)
Pretty much a no brainer that Garcia would take this matchup down.

Elite 8

Joe Johnson (Arkansas) over Francisco Garcia (Louisville)
Ya Joe Johnson would destroy Garcia in a game of 1 on 1.

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