Tournament Wastes of Oxygen

Monday, March 31, 2008

I've been slacking on getting these out, but here's a waste edition based on the tournament only.

1. Bruce Pearl - Apparently Bruce Pearl is target #1 for Indiana. I guess they didn't watch his undisciplined team play in the Sweet 16. The Vols looked like a schoolyard team for the vast majority of the game, throwing balls out of bounds, offering no help defense, gunning up covered three, and driving recklessly to the basket. The Vols played like a team that had no coach.

2. Duke - The Dukies were just 1 point away from making history and joining the past #2 seeds to be eliminated in the first round. Regardless it didn't take the Blue Devils much longer to exit the tournament as everyones favorite team to hate got slugged by an ok West Virginia team.

3. Pool Braggers - I'm not talking about anyone who is necessarily leading your bracket, I am talking about if someone like me or Clark Kellogg bragged about picking the correct final four. You didn't do anything special, congrats you picked like a robot and it just so happened that this year the robot worked out for you. Good for you, no one cares.

4. Hansbrough Strokers - From the announcers, to the experts, to the refs everyone on TV seems to like stroking Hansbrough's cock. It really is unbearable. I get it, he's a great college basketball player, but he isn't exactly the second coming of anybody. He isn't all that great at all. Everything he does is godly. And the god damn refs seem to think he never fouls on any play. Even if he cross checks his man, no foul. Annoying.

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