Fantasy Draft Part Deux

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Round 12
1. Khalil Greene Put it on My...
2. Jermaine Dye McNamee Juic...
3. Brad Hawpe Ginzoes
4. Francisco Cordero Mclovein
5. Juan Pierre Frank the Yank
6. Jered Weaver Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Ben Sheets Juice Heads
8. Hideki Matsui The Wall Balls
9. Bobby Jenks Harpoons & H...
10. Jason Varitek MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Bobby Jenks is automatic for saves.
Ballsy Pick: Ben Sheets based on the injury factory.
Stupid Pick: Juan Pierre should end up platooning by years end.
My Pick: I love Dreamweaver this year a lot mor than most pre-rankings.

Round 13
1. Josh Hamilton MANNYS DREADS
2. Todd Helton Harpoons & H...
3. Mariano Rivera The Wall Balls
4. Brett Myers Juice Heads
5. Javier Vázquez Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Yovani Gallardo Frank the Yank
7. Dustin Pedroia Mclovein
8. Jim Thome Ginzoes
9. Delmon Young McNamee Juic...
10. Evan Longoria Put it on My...

Best Pick: Jim Thome since we have 4 UTIL players does not hurt your roster flexibility at all.
Ballsy Pick: Josh Hamilton if he pans out will be a steal but there's no track record there.
Stupid Pick: Evan Longoria might end up getting sent down due to the Rays being cheap.
My Pick: I picked Vazquez for the innings and Ks.

Round 14
1. Matt Kemp Put it on My...
2. Shane Victorino McNamee Juic...
3. Kelvim Escobar Ginzoes
4. Jarrod Saltalamacchia Mclovein
5. Kevin Youkilis Frank the Yank
6. Rickie Weeks Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Kosuke Fukudome Juice Heads
8. Rich Hill The Wall Balls
9. Johnny Damon Harpoons & H...
10. Ryan Garko MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Shane Victorino is surrounded by Rollins, Utley and Howard. His numbers will be great.
Ballsy Pick: Fukudome cause honestly who knows what he will do.
Stupid Pick: Johnny Damon but to his defense his computer blew up.
My Pick: I desperately needed a 2nd baseman and am hoping that the guy pans out.

Round 15
1. Mark Teahen MANNYS DREADS
2. Plácido Polanco Harpoons & H...
3. Yunel Escobar The Wall Balls
4. Orlando Hudson Juice Heads
5. Jeff Francoeur Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Clay Buchholz Frank the Yank
7. Dustin McGowan Mclovein
8. Trevor Hoffman Ginzoes
9. Adrián Béltre McNamee Juic...
10. Kenji Johjima Put it on My...

Best Pick: Dustin McGowan should be a solid starter this season for a good team.
Ballsy Pick: Clay Bucholz went earlier than I expected but he could be a complete fantasy stud this season.
Stupid Pick: Orlando Hudson was a big time reach here with other mediocre 2b still on the board.
My Pick: I went with Francoeur because this league favors hits and the guy never stops swinging.

Round 16
1. Chad Billingsley Put it on My...
2. Huston Street McNamee Juic...
3. Matt Cain Ginzoes
4. Lastings Milledge Mclovein
5. Jhonny Peralta Frank the Yank
6. A.J. Burnett Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Iván Rodríguez Juice Heads
8. J.R. Towles The Wall Balls
9. Geovany Soto Harpoons & H...
10. Pedro Martínez MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Matt Cain should be a beast this season in atleast Ks, ERA and WHIP. The Wins will be questionable.
Ballsy Pick: JR Towles and Soto going when proven players are still on the board.
Stupid Pick: Huston Street is 1 for 1 in blown saves and will probably get hurt.
My Pick: Rolled the dice with Burnett but he'll probably burn me.

Round 17
1. Phil Hughes MANNYS DREADS
2. Ian Snell Harpoons & H...
3. Manny Corpas The Wall Balls
4. Rich Harden Juice Heads
5. Kelly Johnson Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Oliver Pérez Frank the Yank
7. Josh Fields Mclovein
8. Brad Penny Ginzoes
9. Chad Cordero McNamee Juic...
10. Edwin Encarnación Put it on My...

Best Pick: Brad Penny is a safe contributor.
Ballsy Pick: Rich Harden is drafted by the same man each year and gets injured each year.
Stupid Pick: Josh Fields was announced to be getting demoted hours prior to the draft.
My Pick: Solidified 2b with Kelly Johnson who is a better than average middle infielder.

Round 18
1. Brad Lidge Put it on My...
2. Aaron Rowand McNamee Juic...
3. Matt Capps Ginzoes
4. Kazuo Matsui Mclovein
5. Ryan Theriot Frank the Yank
6. Adam Wainwright Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Hank Blalock Juice Heads
8. Jeff Francis The Wall Balls
9. Kevin Kouzmanoff Harpoons & H...
10. Rafael Soriano MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Rafael Soriano should not have been drafted after Brad Lidge.
Ballsy Pick: Hank Blalock could be a beast if he stays healthy.
Stupid Pick: I thought THE RIOT was a bit of a reach here.
My Pick: I kept on passing on Wainwright hoping he would last and he did.

Round 19
1. Kevin Gregg MANNYS DREADS
2. Joakim Soria Harpoons & H...
3. Justin Upton The Wall Balls
4. Stephen Drew Juice Heads
5. Jon Lester Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Raúl Ibañez Frank the Yank
7. Andy Pettitte Mclovein
8. Carlos Mármol Ginzoes
9. Carlos Delgado McNamee Juic...
10. A.J. Pierzynski Put it on My...

Best Pick: AJ was probably a good value for a catcher here.
Ballsy Pick: Justin Upton could turn out to be an absolute stud.
Stupid Pick: Marmol just got named the set up man hours before the draft.
My Pick: I love Lester this year and somehow managed to get him in a draft with boatloads of Sox fans.

Round 20
1. Rick Ankiel Put it on My...
2. Ken Griffey Jr. McNamee Juic...
3. Ted Lilly Ginzoes
4. Yuniesky Betancourt Mclovein
5. Cameron Maybin Frank the Yank
6. Billy Butler Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Joe Borowski Juice Heads
8. Michael Bourn The Wall Balls
9. B.J. Ryan Harpoons & H...

Best Pick: Ken Griffey did hit 30 home runs last year, perhaps he can stay healthy.
Ballsy Pick: BJ Ryan looks to not be the closer on day 1.
Stupid Pick: Yuniesky is a bum, probably should have waited on a SS rather than settle.
My Pick: I needed a first baseman as I had none so I went with Butler who is tearing it up this spring. Might have been able to wait it out but couldn't take the chance.

Round 21
2. Troy Glaus Harpoons & H...
3. Dontrelle Willis The Wall Balls
4. Todd Jones Juice Heads
5. Kerry Wood Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Derek Lowe Frank the Yank
7. Melky Cabrera Mclovein
8. Felipe López Ginzoes
9. Jason Isringhausen McNamee Juic...
10. Adam LaRoche Put it on My...

Best Pick: Derek Lowe is always a consistent contributor.
Ballsy Pick: Julio Lugo if he gets back to his DRays form could be a steal.
Stupid Pick: Felipe Lopez is set to be a backup.
My Pick: I took another big time injury risk with Kerry Wood, but he was named the closer and if he holds he could be lights out.

Round 22
1. J.D. Drew Put it on My...
2. Tim Hudson McNamee Juic...
3. Scott Rolen Ginzoes
4. Joe Blanton Mclovein
5. Tom Gorzelanny Frank the Yank
6. Zack Greinke Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Brian Wilson Juice Heads
8. Ramón Hernández The Wall Balls
9. Aaron Hill Harpoons & H...
10. Freddy Sánchez MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Aaron Hill was a great selection here.
Ballsy Pick: Brian Wilson is currently the closer but will the Giants win any games?
Stupid Pick: Scott Rolen is already injured and will stay injured.
My Pick: Picked up yet another hopefully good starter.

Round 23
1. Akinori Iwamura MANNYS DREADS
2. Pat Burrell Harpoons & H...
3. Jeremy Hermida The Wall Balls
4. Asdrubal Cabrera Juice Heads
5. Melvin Mora Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Luis Castillo Frank the Yank
7. Ty Wigginton Mclovein
8. Bengie Molina Ginzoes
9. Tony Peña McNamee Juic...
10. Jeremy Guthrie Put it on My...

Best Pick: Jeremy Hermida is having a rough spring but in the 23rd round that's a good deal.
Ballsy Pick: Jeremy Guthrie is an opening day starter btu is on a bad team which plays superb offenses daily. Could end up being a bust.
Stupid Pick: Tony Pena is not the opening day closer.
My Pick: I'm hoping Mora will stay healthy the entire season and hit close to .300.

Round 24
1. Mark Buehrle Put it on My...
2. Bronson Arroyo McNamee Juic...
3. Paul Lo Duca Ginzoes
4. Garret Anderson Mclovein
5. Gil Meche Frank the Yank
6. Matt Garza Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Mark Reynolds Juice Heads
8. Randy Johnson The Wall Balls
9. Ubaldo Jiménez Harpoons & H...

Best Pick: Ubaldo Jimenez will probably be a K machine this season.
Ballsy Pick: Garret Anderson will need to get everyday PT to be worthwhile and I don't know if that's going to happen.
Stupid Pick: Paul Lo Duca is a juicer, past his prime, and should get eclipsed by Johnny Estrada mid season.
My Pick: Taking a gamble on a highly touted rookie.

Round 25
1. Jason Giambi MANNYS DREADS
2. Michael Cuddyer Harpoons & H...
3. Joey Votto The Wall Balls
4. Kurt Suzuki Juice Heads
5. Eric Gagne Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Casey Blake Frank the Yank
7. Ryan Doumit Mclovein
8. Tadahito Iguchi Ginzoes
9. Mike Napoli McNamee Juic...
10. David DeJesús Put it on My...

Best Pick: Mike Napoli is a soid risk reward catcher at this point in the draft.
Ballsy Pick: Joey Votto is a good gamble that could pay off.
Stupid Pick: Jason Giambi is a loser.
My Pick: Needed a closer, and with only slop remaining, I got slop.

Round 26
1. Andrew Miller Put it on My...
2. Gary Matthews Jr. McNamee Juic...
3. Josh Willingham Ginzoes
4. Félix Pié Mclovein
5. Conor Jackson Frank the Yank
6. Richie Sexson Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Adam Jones Juice Heads
8. Jack Cust The Wall Balls
9. Hiroki Kuroda Harpoons & H...

Best Pick: I see Andrew Miller as a beast at some point. Quite possibly this season.
Ballsy Pick: Is Hiroki Kuroda Kei Igawa or Kaz Ishii? AKA Bust or Good first season.
Stupid Pick: Felix Pie's twisted testicle.
My Pick: It's the 26th round it's time to take chances on guys that hit at the mendoza line.

Round 27
1. Juan Rivera MANNYS DREADS
2. José Guillén Harpoons & H...
3. Lyle Overbay The Wall Balls
4. Travis Buck Juice Heads
5. Randy Winn Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Troy Percival Frank the Yank
7. Brendan Harris Mclovein
8. Rafael Betancourt Ginzoes
9. Jeremy Accardo McNamee Juic...
10. Nate McLouth Put it on My...

Best Pick: Nate McLouth has potential to go 20/20.
Ballsy Pick: Jeremy Accardo if he can fend off BJ for the closer job is a solid pick.
Stupid Pick: Juan Rivera shouldn't get many at bats given the log jam off Outfielders in LAAAAAA of Anaheim Angels.
My Pick: Randy Winn may be a shitty name, but he did hit over 300 last year with double digit steals and HRs.

Round 28
1. C.J. Wilson Put it on My...
2. Jonathan Broxton McNamee Juic...
3. Eric Chávez Ginzoes
4. Chris Carpenter Mclovein
5. José Vidro Frank the Yank
6. Boof Bonser Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Ian Kennedy Juice Heads
8. Ervin Santana The Wall Balls
9. George Sherrill Harpoons & H...
10. Dmitri Young MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Vidro cause I think he somehow still has 2B eligibility in this league.
Ballsy Pick: How long is Chris Carpenter out for? Would you like to use your DL spot the entire season?
Stupid Pick: Dmitri Young isn't starting, he'll end up being cut by this team soon enough.
My Pick: Boof was a pick for fun.

Round 29
1. Shaun Marcum MANNYS DREADS
2. Corey Patterson Harpoons & H...
3. Carlos Ruiz The Wall Balls
4. Brandon Lyon Juice Heads
5. Chris Snyder Deb's HGH Bu...
6. Ronny Paulino Frank the Yank
7. Mark Ellis Mclovein
8. Hideki Okajima Ginzoes
9. Barry Zito McNamee Juic...
10. Dave Bush Put it on My...

Best Pick: Brandon Lyon is probably the best pick given he should be the closer.
Ballsy Pick: Corey Patterson isn't really a ballsy pick, it's round 29, but it was a good one.
Stupid Pick: I'm pretty sure Ronny Paulino is injured.
My Pick: I waited until the 29th round to grab my 2nd catcher. I'm hoping Snyder's hot spring continues into the season.

Round 30
1. Nate Robertson Put it on My...
2. Casey Kotchman McNamee Juic...
3. Chris Duncan Ginzoes
4. Tom Glavine Mclovein
5. Mark Prior Frank the Yank
6. Mike Hampton Deb's HGH Bu...
7. Daric Barton Juice Heads
8. Frank Thomas The Wall Balls
9. Mike Cameron Harpoons & H...
10. Chris Capuano MANNYS DREADS

Best Pick: Carl Pavano not getting selected was a great decision by the league.
Ballsy Pick: If you're willing to wait Cameron on the bench for a few months it could pay dividends.
Stupid Pick: Tough to make a stupid pick in round 30.
My Pick: I couldn't make up my mind so the auto selected Hampton for me.

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Mike Young in the 7th is a seatl!!!

i hope

Anonymous said...
1:06 PM  

With so many positions in this league i forgot to draft a 2nd catcher, i didn't recognize any of the guys left so i just picked the top guy.

Frank the Tank said...
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