2008 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: Final Four

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ESPN is giving you the opportunity to make 10 brackets, so while I concentrate on figuring out my final 'true' bracket I figured out a way to stupidly decide the games. The move was to pit the best NBA representative from each team against each other. If the team does not have an NBA rep than they used their leading scorer from their tournament team.

Check out the breakdown: Final Four, East Regional, West Regional, South Regional, Midwest Regional


Allen Iverson (Georgetown) over Joe Johnson (Arkansas)
I struggled over this decision for a little bit mostly due to the big height advantage held by Joe Johnson over AI. In the end AI just has too much speed. Too much explosiveness.

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Baron Davis (UCLA)
Baron Davis does not have the size to match Wade and his quickness is not light years better than Wade either.


Allen Iverson (Georgetown) over Dwyane Wade (Marquette)
Two Big East teams making the finals. Wade has the strength advantage over AI and should be able to get to the rim on him. In the end though AI's speed trumps all. Wade is a terrific defender but Iverson can not be covered in a 1 on 1 game. He's got too many moves, he's just too quick.

That was way more enjoyable than filling out my actual bracket which you will see is the Ben Stein of brackets. Dull, extremely dull, and more dull. Throw in bland as well.

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i have a question. Personally i find working my bracket backwards makes it more successful, whats your method of filling out?

ANy way, Thanks for the the breakdown! its really helpful i just recently started filling out so im all confused and im to embarassed to ask my father because he is pro and he'll probably make fun of me since weve been watching this together practically my whole life!

So thanks in advance,

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I pretty much first decide who I think is going to win the National Title. Then 1 by 1 I go through the brackets and decide whom I think is going to make the final four. Then I go through bracket by bracket picking squads and consciously try to throw in an upset or two.

(Last year I lamely picked all 4 #1 seeds for the final 4 and had Memphis winning it all. I would have won if someone on Memphis could hit free throws)

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