2008 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: South Bracket

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ESPN is giving you the opportunity to make 10 brackets, so while I concentrate on figuring out my final 'true' bracket I figured out a way to stupidly decide the games. The move was to pit the best NBA representative from each team against each other. If the team does not have an NBA rep than they used their leading scorer from their tournament team.

Check out the breakdown: Final Four, East Regional, West Regional, South Regional, Midwest Regional

1st Round

Rodney Carney (Memphis) over Anthony Vereen* (Texas Arlington)
Carney is holds a marginal role with the 76ers this year.

Fred Jones (Oregon) over Erick Dampier (Miss St.)
Erick Dampier is a 6-11 stiff, while Fred Jones at the very least can dunk well.

Zach Randolph (Mich St.) over Eddie Jones (Temple)
Eddie Jones is way past his prime.

Mark Blount (Pitt) over Robert Jarvis* (Oral Roberts)
Boo to Mark Blount not playing an NBA player.

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Tayshaun Prince (Kentucky)
Arguably the most intriguing first round matchup of all. Wade and Prince match each other up all of the time in the NBA, but without the teammates Wade is simply better.

Josh Childress (Stanford) over Ryan Wittman* (Cornell)
High SAT scores is not the competition here.

John Salmons (Miami) over Patrick Mills* (St. Mary's)
Give the edge to the NBA player.

Kevin Durant (Texas) over Trenton Hassell (Austin Peay)
Durant has too many offensive weapons for the stronger Hassell to handle.

2nd Round

Fred Jones (Oregon) over Rodney Carney (Memphis)
Where's Penny Hardaway when you need him?

Zach Randolph (Mich St.) over Mark Blount (Pitt)
Mark Blount blows. I'm upset he lasted past the first round.

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Josh Childress (Stanford)
A healthy wade would abuse Childress in the paint.

Kevin Durant (Texas) over John Salmons (Miami)
Durant takes down Salmons with ease.

Sweet 16

Zach Randolph (Mich St.) over Fred Jones (Oregon)
Two Knicks in the Sweet 16. Apparently my tea at work is spiked. Randolph should win this matchup, but who knows.

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Kevin Durant (Texas)
Durant still needs to put on some muscle before he will be able to matchup with Wade down low.

Elite 8

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Zach Randolph (Mich St.)
Size, Strength and Weak competition got Zach Randolph to the elite 8. In a matchup vs. Dwyane Wade. If it was a matchup of spelling, Zach's parents would have defeated Dwyane's.

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