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Friday, March 14, 2008

After a week off for the Weekley Waste, we are back with mostly nuisances rather than criminal offenses.

1. Billy Crystal Haters - He got 1 at bat and even made contact. That was it. It took a couple of minutes and then the story was over. That's all the story should have been. But nope some stupid ass bags out there had to get enraged for no reason at all. Spend your time doing something productive please.

2. Joe Lunardi - I love College Basketball. Granted my devotion of time to the sport has been less this year than in the recent past, but I still love college basketball. Joe Lunardi on the other hand I could do without. Probably because every time you put on sportscenter he's there. Everyday his opinion changes. Thus everyday prior to sunday his opinion is completely meaningless.

3. Pat Summit - Whistle Blower Summit. First off I don't really understand why it is a recruiting violation to ask a local business to give one of your recruits a tour of their facilities. Sure ESPN may be a little different than the Jack Daniels factory, but whatever who cares. Secondly why these coaches are so eager to report these minor violations is ridiculous.

4. Mitch Williams - I guess the Wild Thing name has always been pretty accurate for Mitch Williams. He's a hot head who bombed out of the league because he couldn't keep it together. A 5th grade catholic league basketball game is pretty meaningless Mitch. Nothing really to get worked up about and certainly nothing where you need to start cursing at the officials for. You must be that embarrassing father that everyone ends up laughing at.

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Simone, the site is growing! You now actually have enough people voting to have the percentages in non-round numbers. Nice work kid!

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