Apparently I'm Better At Predicting Sports I Don't Watch (Evaluating My NBA Preseason Picks)

Friday, May 02, 2008

Remember when I made my NBA Predictions? No? Ok then you can leave the page now. If you remember them and want to make fun of me in the comments you can read me evaluate them and judge how it seems that prior to typing I smashed my head against a concrete wall 30 times.

My preseason predicted finish is the first number followed by their actual finish in Parenthesis.

Eastern Conference

1,(2). Detroit Pistons, Central Champs - One spot off... You guys want to stop reading now right? No? Fuck.

2, (15). Miami Heat, Southeast Champs - Ya, soooooo, how the hell was I suppose to know Wade was never going to play and never be healthy and they would tank the season at the end for a better draft pick. Shit, that pick sucked.

3, (1). Boston Celtics, Atlantic Champs - Homerism but apparently not enough.

4, (11). Chicago Bulls - Shit, another crappy frigging pick. Why did the Bulls suck this year? I really don't get how they just plummeted as a team. Their talent didn't change much.

5, (10). New Jersey Nets -Uh... they traded Kidd that's why they didn't finish here. Or they weren't that good all season long.

6, (4). Cleveland Cavs - I underrated the Lebrons.

7, (3). Orlando Magic, (Southeast Champs) - Dwight Howard is a complete beast and if I ran the Magic they would not be this good cause I probably would have drafted Okafor.

8, (8). Atlanta Hawks - Hooray 1 for 15 right. You try besting that percentage.

9, (5). Washington Wizards - Butler is a very good basketball player.

10, (14). New York Knicks - I thought Randolph would help, I was wrong.

11, (6). Toronto Raptors - I didn't expect Calderon to become a beast.

12, (13). Milwaukee Bucks - One spot off isn't bad.

13, (12). Charlotte Bobcats - Ditto.

14 (7). Philadelphia 76ers - They have no really good players, I don't get how they made the playoffs and then won 2 games.

15 (9). Indiana Pacers - Umm, don't ask me what my logic was for them being last.

Western Conference

1 (7). Dallas Mavericks, Southwest Champs - They were up there before they stupidly traded for Kidd.

2 (6). Phoenix Suns, Pacific Champs - They were up there before they stupidly traded for Shaq.

3 (3). San Antonio Spurs - Yay I got one that makes 2. That's it for the day you can stop reading now. Please?

4 (8). Denver Nuggets, Northwest Champs - The AI Melo experiment just isn't working.

5 (5). Houston Rockets - Woah Woah three right ya. Beat that predictors.

6 (4). Utah Jazz, (Northwest Champs) - Only a couple spots off, how was I supposed to know the Jazz would win every single game in Utah.

7 (14). Memphis Grizzlies - Umm, I went with two gambles for playoff teams. The Hawks paid off and the Grizzlies did not.

8 (9). Golden St. Warriors - Just missed out over the last week of getting this right.

9 (1). LA Lakers, (Pacific Champs) - Whatever, I thought they were still going to potentially trade Kobe and I certainly didn't know they were going to get Pau for 10 cents on the dollar.

10 (2). NO/OKC Hornets, (Southwest Champs) - I underrated Chris Paul a lot.

11 (12). LA Clippers - One spot off again isn't bad.

12 (11). Sacramento Kings - Ditto again.

13 (15). Seattle Supersonics - It really wasn't tough to predict the Sonics were going to be bad.

14 (13). Minnesota Timberwolves - Nor was it difficult to predict the T-Wolves to be bad.

15 (10). Portland Trailblazers - Brandon Roy should have been the #1 pick two drafts ago.

Awards Predictions

Coach of the Year: Scott Skiles, Umm he was fired.
Actual Winner: Byron Scott, Ya I was wrong on the Hornets.

Rookie of the Year: Kevin Durant, Wow that was a tough one to get right.

Sixth Man of the Year: Ricky Davis, I apparently was smoking pot when I made my picks.
Actual Winner: Manu Ginobli, why does he count as a 6th man.

Defensive Player of the Year: Gerald Wallace, He didn't finish in the top 3.
Actual Winner: KG, whoops.

Most Improved Player of the Year: Rajon Rondo, He played well and finished 5th so not that bad.
Actual Winner: Hedo Turkoglu, he played out of his mind this season.

Most Valuable Player: Dwayne Wade, The Heat were the worst team in the NBA and he shut it down with many games to go and missed a bunch of other time.
Actual Winner: TBD, whoever it is it won't be Wade.

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