I Have Started 10 Games, I am Undefeated, Who Am I?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

In Major League Baseball there are currently 55 starting pitchers who have started at least 10 games. 53 of whom have started 10 and 2 (Lester & Blanton) have started 11. Amongst these 55 starters there is one single pitcher who has yet to suffer a loss. It isn't Brandon Webb who was 9-0 but lost his last game to fall to 9-1. It isn't Edinson Volquez with his 1.33 ERA. It isn't the unbelievable Cliff Lee who has lost a singular game. It isn't 7-0 Dice-K Matzusazaka who despite pitching a week before everybody in Japan has only started 9 games.

No, the only undefeated started with double digits starts is.....

SHAWN CHACON. 1 and 0 Shawn friggin Chacon.

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