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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The All Star Team Voting is currently up and running, but what if you were to create and All Cheap All Star Team for each league. Meaning keep the 25 man roster at the Marlins payroll ($21,811,500) or under but you must use at least one person per team. All salaries taken from Cot's Contracts.

Lineup (7.40493 million)

C:Mike Napoli, .425 million, LAA Angels: Unlike the National League, the American League lacks very good young underpaid catchers. Napoli was chosen as start over Kurt Suzuki cause he at least has power.

1B:Kevin Youkilis, 3 million, Boston Red Sox: Youk is leading the AL in OPS and thus gets on the list despite the 3 million dollar salary which makes him the highest paid AL Cheap All Star.

2B:Ian Kinsler, .5 million, Texas Rangers: Kinsler has stepped right back into the groove this season after his breakout campaign in 2007.

3B:Alex Gordon, .406 million, Kansas City Royals: Formerly the #1 prospect in baseball is quietly putting together a solid season.

SS:Erick Aybar, .415 million, LAA Angels: SS is another highly suspect position for youth in the American league as Erick Aybar numbers don't exactly jump off the paper.

OF:Josh Hamilton, $396,830, Texas Rangers: The man has 43 RBIs already. 43.

OF:Carlos Quentin, .4 million, Chicago White Sox: Basically dumped by the Diamondbacks in the off season in favor of Justin Upton, Quentin is showing why he was once talked about as a future all star.

OF: BJ Upton, .4121 million, Tampa Bay Rays: Like his brother is amongst the brightest and most underpaid stars in major league baseball.

DH:Casey Kotchman, 1.45 million, LAA Angels: Kotchman took awhile to start living up to the hype but so far in 2008 he's been amongst the best first baseman in the AL.

Bench (1.702 million)

BN:Kurt Suzuki, .395 million, Oakland A's: You need a backup catcher on baseball teams so Suzuki gets on it cause, well he actually plays unlike other cheap options.

BN:Carlos Gomez, .395 million, Minnesota Twins: The lone Twins rep is here for his blinding speed.

BN:Nick Markakis, .455 million, Baltimore Orioles: Markakis is the one player on the Orioles that they can build a franchise around.

BN:Dustin Pedroia, .457 million, Boston Red Sox: Pedroia is going to hit .300 with about 8 home runs every year for the foreseeable future.

Starting Pitching (4.6875 million)

SP:Zack Greinke, 1.4 million, Kansas City Royals:Now that Greinke has his head screwed on straight all he does is get outs.

SP:Joe Saunders, .425 million, LAA Angels: Was fighting for a rotation spot before the preseason injuries, now he's got 6 wins.

SP:Ervin Santana, .42 million, LAA Angels: Maybe Ervin just needed someone to tell him that he was still in LA everytime he took the ball on the road.

SP:Shaun Marcum, .4025 million, Toronto Blue Jays: Marcum is completely flying under the national radar, but he's been the Blue Jays best pitcher this season.

SP:James Shields, 1 million, Tampa Bay Rays: Had his breakout season last year and is again leading the Rays rotation.

SP:Felix Hernandex, 0.54 million, Seattle Mariners: The King is the Mariners best and basically only good young and underpaid player.

SP:Fausto Caromona, 0.5 million, Cleveland Indians: Got a big contract extension but for the time being is still only making a half a mill.

Relief Pitching (2.54145 million)

RP:Jonathan Papelbon, .775 million, Boston Red Sox: Papelbon gave the Sox a big time home town discount the last time he signed his name to a piece of paper.

RP:Joakim Soria, .4265 million, Kansas City Royals: Soria has yet to give up a run this season, so he's been pretty dominant.

RP:Bobby Jenks, .55 million, Chicago White Sox: You would have figure Jenks would have gotten a big pay raise by now, but nope not yet.

RP:Joba Chamberlain, .39 million, New York Yankees: The only Yankee young hurler to not suck this season.

RP:Aquilino Lopez, .4 million, Detroit Tigers: Nobody on the Tigers is underpaid right now. Even their young studs with low salaries (Granderson, Verlander, Zumaya) have either been injured or stunk or both the entire season. Thus Lopez gets the nod despite being in mid relief as he has 2 wins and a 2.01 ERA.

Total Team Salary = 16.33593 million

NL Roster

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