A Walk is Better to Give Up than a Homer Right?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Rich Hill couldn't control his pitches. He was walking hitters an alarming rate, he was pissing off his manager to no end. So Sweet Lou decided it was best for the ball club and for Hill to have Hill work out his stuff in the minors for a few starts allowing the Cubs to pitch someone with the ability to throw strikes. This despite the fact that Hill still had an ERA in the low 4s.

Well, Hill got his first start last night in Iowa, throwing 5 innings while giving up 7 hits, 2 runs and walking 1 batter. Certainly not stellar but the walks were down and the runs weren't plentiful. The same can not be said for his replacements in Cincinnati this afternoon. In 2 innings Jon Lieber surrendered 5 runs on 4 home runs. His replacement Shawn Marshall gave up two solo homers in 2 innings. And his replacement Sean Gallagher gave up a 2 run homer during his 2 inning stint.

Correct me if I am wrong but you would rather have your pitcher give up 6 walks than give up 6 homers right?

Before Hill left for the minors Lieber had this to say to him:

"Jon Lieber told me to go down to Iowa, work on what I need to work on, and get back to Chicago as soon as I can," Des Moines Register

That's probably a good idea, I don't think Jon Lieber even wants Jon Lieber in the starting rotation.

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