Look In the Mirror Nelson

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Last night I turned on the Mets game because Lastings Milledge was up with the bases loaded and I was hoping to see Milledge get some revenge on his former club. During the at bat at first you could here a chant coming from some corner of Shea stadium but what was the chant and for who? Then the cameras panned to the Nats dugout and their was none other than Elijah Dukes leading a cheer for his teammate. He lead the team in a repeated Milly [clap clap] Milly [clap clap], the Nats essentially looked like an exuberant Little League team. To my evaporating memory it was the first time I had ever seen a Big League club engage in such a chant, but its the Nationals it isn't very surprising. But to Nelson Figueroa the Mets Pitcher it was both surprising and unacceptable.

"They were cheerleading in the dugout like a bunch of softball girls," the beleaguered Mets right-hander said after getting stomped in a 10-4 loss to the Nationals last night. "If that's what a last-place team needs to do to fire themselves up, so be it. They need to show a little more class and professionalism."

"They won tonight, but in the long run they are still who they are," Figueroa said. "Even for the manager and the coaching staff to let that stuff carry on, it's truly unprofessional." FOXSPORTS

Ok, Nelson let's try to be a bit more bitter after a defeat. First off there's nothing wrong with cheering on your teammates, it's not unprofessional and it certainly isn't classless. And they are who they are? Sure the Nationals stink, we know this they know this. They aren't going to go out and win the division, but who the hell are you to talk. You have been out of the Majors since 2004, you are currently pitching for the Mets solely because Pedro and El Duque are on the DL. Unlike you many of the players on the Nationals actually have much more big league experience than you, some of them even have made all star teams. And they just beat the crap out of you. How about you just shut up after a loss. Thanks.

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Nice scribble. I agree completely. Why can't major leaguers act like they enjoy the game? It is a game, is it not?

Perhaps there needs to be more of that in MLB.

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