Reiterating the Point, Europeans Are Harsher on Their Managers Than Americans

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

In early September I rambled on about how ridiculous it was for Chelsea to can the self proclaimed Special One Jose Mourinho. His squad struggled in the opening months of the season but he had achieved so much in so little time that it made no sense for him to be the sacrificial lamb. One full season later and its his replacement who has become the unjustified slaughter victim.

Avram Grant replaced Mourinho only weeks into the Premiership season and inherited a wealth of talented players brought on by the throw away cash of Roman Abromovich's billions. He additionally inherited players with undieing loyalty to Mourinho who had dug themselves a hole in both the Premiership and the Champions League. Throughout a season of ridicule by the British media and fans alike Grant percervered and brought Chelsea back to contention for three of a possible 4 trophies. The Blues lost in the Finals to London rival Tottenham in the League Cup, the least prestigious of the possible football trophies on a tiebreaker header in Extra Time. The Blues then fought back to a virtual draw with Manchester United going into the final weekend of the Premiership only to see Man U hoist the first of their 07/08 trophies.

And finally there was last weeks heart breaking loss to Manchester United courtesy of his Captain being unable to pummel home the clinching penalty kick and his overpaid french sub striker telegraphing the losing kick. One kick away from being the manager of the trophy winning best club in Europe. One singular kick away from the biggest prize in club soccer.

Grant had three chances this season his first with the club to walk away with a Trophy and wound up 24 Dresses away from Katherine Heigl's Bridesmaid Dress collection. And if you have a Maffia-esque billionaire Russian Oil Tycoon as an owner than 3 Bridesmaid dresses is enough to bring out the Donald Trump and give the ole, YOU'RE FIRED.

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