It Is No Longer More Efficient Not to Have Legs

Friday, May 16, 2008

If the world determined social class strictly on common sense than the International Association of Athletics Federations(IAAF) has taken a leap from the homeless to a lower income household in the past few days. See at one point in time they decided that somehow someway it was a benefit for a runner to be without legs. They deemed that the U shaped Carbon Fiber blades worn by amputee runners were more efficient than actual legs and thus they ruled any amputee wanting to compete against full bodied individuals with these legs as ineligible. Apparently, they wanted them to run with a wooden peg, or stitch on an actual human leg in order to compete.

Well, the IAAF based on the case of Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee runner from South Africa decided to take a new vote on whether or not they should allow him to qualify and compete in the Beijing Olympics. And shockingly enough the people on this committee showed some common sense and will allow a man who has obvious gone through a lot without the use of legs to live his dream, if he can make the team.

So, just to wrap up I am glad the IAAF has been intelligent enough to rule that it actually isn't a benefit to be without legs, even if these obvious conclusion took them years to come to.

Courtesy of the Fanhouse

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