Memoirs of a Dropped Foul Ball

Thursday, May 08, 2008

These were my original seats, behind the plate Section 4 Row S Seat 2. Not exactly foul ball territory, in fact no one even came close to blasting a foul pop up directly behind the plate the entire game.

These were my seats during the bottom of the ninth inning. We moved directly down basically sat behind the plate but to the left of the net, leaving us open to foul balls.

This is me zooming in with my camera phone to take a picture of Hideki Matsui leading off the bottom of the 9th against Cleveland Closer, Rafael Betancourt. This was taken a single pitch prior to Matsui fouling a ball directly to the left (from my vantage point) of the screen. A foul ball hit directly at my face. A foul ball which I put up my left and and only my left hand to catch because I still had the phone in my right hand. A foul ball which my cousin was also eager to attempt to catch, so eager as to cross in front of my sister in order to catch. A foul ball which ricocheted off his fingers and then my left hand. A foul ball that ended up in the possession of someone else.

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