Possibly the Dumbest Idea Ever

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You're going around your local golf course and after downing the tenth beer in your 18th hole journey you have to take a piss. There's no bathroom in site, oh no what do you do. You head to the closest tree or just off the t-box turn your body away from the crowd and let it fly. Or... You could piss in a fake club in your bag.

That's right the Uroclub now can solve all of your uncomfort issues. Just strap a towel around your waste pull the Uroclub out of your bag, unscrew the top and start pissing in your most useful new club. Then you can dispense of the urine in whatever way you see fit later in the day. It could be in the bathroom, in the woods or simply poured into Grutt's half empty can of beer.

Seriously this has got to be the dumbest invention of all time. If you are uncomfortable pissing on a golf course you should hand in your man card. Plus who the hell wants to have a urine soaked club in their golf bag ever or who wants to wash out your urine soaked club on a daily basis. Seriously the only solid reason for having this club is for sneaky urinary pranks that you could pull based on the fact that nobody would ever suspect a club in your bag holding a bunch of your piss.

Via of Sports by Brooks

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That thing needs a thicker shaft to hold more urine. I would fill that thing up in 10 seconds. Then I would have to pinch the rest of my piss off and go to the woods and take a piss anyways. Bogus invention.

Atleast the fake club full of beer/booze is somewhat useful until it becomes 120 degrees sitting in you hot golf bag.

JBILLS said...
12:45 PM  

While I'm not a golfer, Billings has a good point.

If you're drinking Breezy style, then you're going to forget thats there anyway. The clubs will end up back in your house un-emptied, and by the time you play again they will be concentrated acid.

By the way Simone, I heard that Alissa was not amused at the Grutt jokes.

Hart said...
12:34 PM  

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