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Monday, May 05, 2008

Horse Racin

~Big Brown looks like he will dominate the Preakness and lose at the Belmont just like seemingly every other potential Triple Crown winner of the past decade.

~I hate PETA, they are the most ridiculous organization on the planet. First, off it's pretty obvious that the Horse broke its legs after the race, to blame the jockey is completely ridiculous.

~Perhaps part of me is heartless but millions upon millions of animals die every day. I'm sure a ton of horses die every day. Sure it sucks that it happened to a high profile horse on national television during the greatest race in the world. I guess unlike other people I do not get emotionally connected to 'public figure' animals.

~I'm glad I don't gamble on this stuff as I never pick the winners. I chose Pyro, he was closed out by all the other Horses at the start of the race and was immediately screwed. He finished 8th, well out of the money.

~In funnier horse news, War Emblem just doesn't want to screw any more.


~This is a foul.

~The Celtics series is quite puzzling. They pound the Hawks in every game in Boston but folded in every game in Atlanta. It's a good thing that the Cavs do not have a Robin to Lebrons Batman as the Hawks made it obvious that the C's can't cover two athletic swingmen at the same time. I'd imagine the Celtics get back on the saddle quickly and dismantle the Cavs in game one.

~Let us all hope that the Hornets first game victory over the Spurs is no fluke. However, its difficult to believe this given the fact that Tim Duncan scored 5 points on Saturday night.

~Additionally, let us hope that the Jazz win their home games against the Jazz cause it does not appear as if they will be winning games at the Staples Center.

~Once again series involving the Pistons bore me. The Spurs and the Pistons are teams that never change and have been around for what feels like forever. It would be nice if the Magic could defeat them but I can't picture them winning more than 2 games this series.


~And the award for biggest fantasy bust pitcher during the opening month of the season goes to... Rich Hill who can't throw strikes. Sweet Lou doesn't like watching people walk so after Hill walked 4 guys in the first inning Sweet Lou not only took the ball out of his hand but gave him the directions to Triple A Iowa. Hill pitched 195 innings last year with an ERA under 4 and 183 Ks. This year he's walked 18 hitters in 19 2/3 innings. Who knows how long he'll be in the minors but he will be universally dropped in leagues without a massive reserve list.

~The Brewers will once again throw Dave Bush every fifth day. This of course was not their choice as their top prospect Yovani Gallardo blew up his ACL in an awkward collision at first. This makes the Brewers playoff run a hell of a lot harder especially with Gagne blowing a couple of saves a week.

~Speaking of questionable closers, Kerry Wood has 4 saves and 3 blown saves.

~Haren vs. Santana yesterday completely lived up to the pitchers dual hype and was a joy to watch. Well, until the Dbacks pulled Haren early for a pinch hitter only to watch them of course not score.

~Ian Kennedy getting sent down means.... Kei Igawa is back. Yay, Kei Igawa super fun happy time. This means that the Igawa built in the same framework as the Scalabrine Watch must start soon.

~Darrell Rasner is nothing more than a very average pitcher.

~The Red Sox revenged their previous sweep against the Rays and now currently have the best record in the AL at 20-13.


~Do you believe the Cops or Cedric Benson's part of the Boating While Intoxicated story. For some reason I don't believe Cedric.

~I'm guessing that come a couple weeks this whole Marvin Harrison fiasco will be a complete no story.


~The Rangers lost. There goes my predictions.

~The Sharks lost. There goes the other part of my predictions.


~Why must billionaires have the most ridiculous luck on stupid games like roulette. Why can't I just hit it big on something completely random.

~Man U dominated their weekend game and now are one win away from clinching the Premiership title due to that completely lame tie breaker system they have.

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