I Care About Sports Just As Much If Not More Than You

Thursday, May 01, 2008

If you have ever met you know that a good 95% of my brain use utilized in thinking, talking, dreaming about sports. Is my grammar perfect when I post something? No. Sorry but I don't actually get paid for this, I do it for fun. I don't get why ass bags like this guy just don't get that. I will never have a journalism degree, rather an MS in Engineering & an MBA, why exactly does that matter in regards to my passion of sports. If someone reads any of my posts and gets any valid information or enjoys my opinion than so be it, what's the big deal?

What exactly is different between the New York Daily News digging into Roger Clemens past affairs with womens and any blog posting pictures of a drunk athlete? If anything the Daily News is doing much larger damage to a person. Are both news worthy? Sure why not. Some people will have a problem with their quarterback getting hammered and enjoying a bottle of jack daniels and some people will have a problem with Clemens having sex with billions of non-attractive blonds but do either have any true effect on the average humans life? No.

I guess my main point is this, if people like what they are reading, they will continue to do so. If millions of people go to deadspin monthly than it's obvious relevant and obviously has public benefits. Brushing it all off as crap is nonsense, for if it was actually crap people wouldn't read it.

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Hi. I've never met you, but you're right. It pisses me off that people so frequently bitch about blogs. The fact is, a lot of shit sucks--in the world. That doesn't mean that you can invalidate an entire medium b/c some blogs suck. Some newspapers suck; some movies, etc.

Anyway, I enjoy your blog. Ass-bags will be ass-bags.

Evan said...
10:10 PM  

I mean to say "suck" after movies. Damn it. Buzz Bissinger was right. I am worthless.

Evan said...
10:11 PM  

Print media is dead. Journalism school is a joke. You don't need a college degree to write for a news paper. I would argue that any student that passes English with good grades in High School has the chops to write for print.

The degree must teach the arbitrary sensationalism, creation of facts, use of anonymous sources, and political posturing.

Hart said...
8:53 AM  

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