Was the Showcase Needed?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If you're currently leading the ACC in Home Runs, RBIs and Batting Average and you play catcher I'd imagine that scouts would pretty much be all over you daily. That because of those skills and the position you play that being drafted high wouldn't be something you would need to worry about.

But I guess there's always something else you can do to improve your draft standing and FSU Coach Mike Martin had just the idea. Why not show a players versatility in the field and play him at every single position during a 7 inning game. And thus Buster Posey was given the opportunity very few people ever have. He played Catcher in the First, First in the Second, Second in the Third, SS in the Third, Third in the Fifth, LF and RF in the 6th and CF and Pitcher in the 9th. And if that wasn't enough he hit a grand slam.

The negative of this of course showing up the other team. The Seminoles were playing Savannah St. and dominated them in a 10-0 defeat. Would FSU and Mike Martin have utilized this idea against a powerhouse opponent? I doubt it, but against a team they knew they would pummel it's ok.

Humorously Martin has done this three times before, the last being with his son Mike Jr. I wonder why he wanted to show that player off to scouts.

Courtesy of ESPN

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