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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

~Basically my brain is not functioning enough right now to put together a large portion of a single coherent thought so its time to just spit out a bunch of opinion on a lot of crap so I actually make a post today.


~The Celtics game, which I thankfully missed the majority of thanks to a delicious final, was stunningly boring. I hate when people say that a game was a well defended game when its quite obvious that many players did not bring their A game, hell some players didn't even bring their C game to the arena. Seemingly the only players that cared to show up last night were Big Z, KG and the Fish Alien.

~Why did the Fish Alien pretend like that knee hurt him? We all know his head is actually made of a material similar to a Tempur-Pedic mattress, it absorbs all of the applied it.

~For all the excitement that Lebron should generate in a basketball game, I just can't get into Cav games. His surrounding roster is so putrid that it takes away from the aesthetics of the game. The pace the squad plays is equally detrimental to my enjoyment.

~Perhaps its my current residence in Connecticut and my lack of day to day viewing of the Celtics or perhaps its my initial bitterness following the dismissal of Big Al from the roster, but I am still finding it very difficult to make a connection with this team. I know it's been a full season and by now I should be used to seeing Garnett and Allen and the Fish Alien in Celtic Green but I don't think I'm fully there yet.

~Chances the Jazz win tonight at the Staples center? Put it at 5%. Chances anybody watches the end of the 4th quarter on the East Coast given the ridiculous 10:30 start time? Put it at .0001%.

~Chances the Pistons win tonight and basically put the nail in the coffin? Put it at 60%. I'll give the Magic a fighting chance to win a game this series.

~Chances the Spurs win their next to home games? Put it at 80%. Sorry but life isn't quite good enough for the NBA to rid of the Spurs that easily.

~If the Food Network does not pick up Charles Oakley's pitch I will be very pissed off.

~Rick Carlisle will do nothing for the Mavericks, and is probably stupid to jump on the sinking ship. The Mavs were stupid the day they made the trade and now will have to scramble to put better and younger pieces around Dirk before it's too late.

~The fact that the NBA rule is to estimate the elapsed time in the case of a clock failure is absurdly hilarious. This will be changed soon enough but for now I really enjoyed the good laugh, although I'm sure Stan Van Gundy did not.

~I'm not quite getting how the Bulls don't have enough money to pay for D'Antoni. You're in one of the top 3 markets in the NBA, you have a solid group of youngsters including a lot of guards who D'Antoni could help mold into one of the best offensive units in the NBA, yet you are unwilling to give him cash? Who are you going to hire instead? Seems very dumb on their part.

~The Knicks should just be done with it and hire Mark Jackson. We all know they want to, why waste time.

~Random 5 foot 8 Jews declaring for the NBA draft are humorous.


~How exactly does Moises Alou steal home? He's 95 years old right? Wouldn't he injure himself before he actually reached the plate?

~The demise of Albert Pujols this season was greatly exaggerated. He's hitting .355. In addition his game winning play on monday night in which he scored from 2nd base on a ground out was highly intelligent.

~Zito is starting tonight. Chalk the Giants for a loss.

~Joba giving up a home run is A) Not a big deal and B) Not surprising.

~I almost picked up Gavin Floyd this week cause he was a two start pitcher. I didn't. That is how my season is currently going.

~This AROD story is hilarious.

~Headed to the Bronx tonight for Wang vs. Super Cliff Lee. Hopefully I get a pitchers dual rather than a 5 hour slugfest.


~Apparently Marvin's gun is a certified cop killer / Kevlar piercer. Solid job by Marvin on that one.

~That dumb ass kid took off his Brett Favre jersey, it apparently was his own decision and not his parents. Amazing.

Off Topic

~A gas tax break will do absolutely nothing in the bigger scheme of everything. In fact if Hilary just moves the Gas tax onto the Oil Companies it will be completely useless, as the companies will simply raise their prices for three months. Gas prices are high, they will get higher, it blows and will continue to blow. Deal with it.

~One more final and then a month off from school. Thank the good lord. The final also marks the half way point of my MBA, 10 classes feels like a really really long time.

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