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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The All Star Team Voting is currently up and running, but what if you were to create and All Cheap All Star Team for each league. Meaning keep the 25 man roster at the Marlins payroll ($21,811,500) or under but you must use at least one person per team. All salaries taken from Cot's Contracts.

Lineup (5.142 million)

C:Brian McCann, .8 million, Atlanta Braves: Once again raising his average to over .300 while providing solid power numbers.

1B:Adrian Gonzalez, .75 million, San Diego Padres: His contract has an exponential like increase over the next few years, but for this season the smooth hitting first baseman is still making under a million.

2B: Dan Uggla, .417 million, Florida Marlins: Uggla is a streaky power hitter, but during the Marlins latest hot streak he has been crushing the ball.

3B:Edwin Encarnacion, .45 million, Cincinnati Reds: 3B was struggling for low paid players especially given Zimmermans poor play, so Encarnacion was taken over the Kouz. Flip a coin on that one.

SS:Hanley Ramirez, .439 million, Florida Marlins: Got the contract extension but still listed as receiving under a half mill for this season.

OF:Matt Kemp, .406 million, LA Dodgers: Finally the Dodgers have wised up and played Kemp every day in the outfield and his is raking.

OF:Nate McClouth, .425 million, Pittsburgh Pirates : Had to compete for the starting job in spring training, but afterwards had amongst the best opening months in the league.

OF:Ryan Braun, .455 million, Milwaukee Brewers: Last years rookie of the year is starting to heat up once again.

DH:Justin Upton, 1 million, Arizona Diamondbacks: The Youngest player in the starting lineup and the highest paid player as well. Living the dream.

Bench (3.9665 million)

BN:Geovany Soto, .401 million, Chicago Cubs: Could arguably be placed ahead of McCann and onto the starting lineup.

BN:Conor Jackson, .4195 million, Arizona Diamondbacks: Finally starting to live up to all that hype.

BN:Brandon Phillips, 2.75 million, Cincinnati Reds: The roster had a bunch of wiggle room to get under the Marlins cap so Phillips despite his multiple million dollar contract was accepted.

BN:Hunter Pence, .396 million, Houston Astros: The Astros don't have too many underpaid players, so Pence despite his slow start is on the roster.

Starting Pitching (3.0425 million)

SP:Edinson Volquez, .3925 million, Cincinnati Reds: Currently the most dominate pitcher in the majors.

SP:Cole Hamels, .5 million, Philadelphia Phillies: A

SP:John Maine, .45 million, New York Mets: Really the only good Met that doesn't have a massive contract.

SP:Tim Lincecum, .405 million, San Francisco Giants: Tiny Tim is pretty much unhittable.

SP:Adam Wainwright, .5 million, St. Louis Cardinals: Has fully taken over the role of staff ace for the Cardinals.

SP:Jair Jurrjens, .39 million, Atlanta Braves: Traded for Renteria in the off season Triple Js has been arguably the best Braves pitcher this season.

SP:Scott Olson, .405 million, Florida Marlins: Putting the off the field problems behind him and starting to pitch up to his potential.

Relief Pitching (2.9125 million)

RP:Matt Capps, .5 million, Pittsburgh Pirates: Capps has been a dominant closer on a bad team for awhile.

RP:Brian Wilson, .3925 million, San Francisco Giants: Getting double digit saves for the saves for the Giants for the season would have been surprising never mind having that many already.

RP:Jon Rauch, $1.2 million, Washington Nationals: Closers for bad teams are a theme here.

RP:Carlos Marmol, .43 million, Chicago Cubs: Put in the setup up role partly due to the Wood mystique, Marmol has been one of the most dominate relievers in the league thus far.

RP:Taylor Buchholz, .399 million, Colorado Rockies: With most of the young players on the Rockies either injured or already have received their pay raise, Buchholz is their representative as he is amongst the league leaders in holds.

Total Team Salary = 15.0725 million

AL Roster

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