A Story That Makes Babe Ruth Even Cooler

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here's a little known fact that you may not be aware of, Babe Ruth technically combined to throw a no hitter in 1917 against Boston. And I use the word technically very liberally.

The rest include a pair of no-hitters each by Cy Young and Leonard, but none is as legendary as the no-hitter tossed by Ernie Shore in 1917. Shore, who shared the rotation and was traded to the Yankees with Babe Ruth, cleaned up for Ruth on one summer day in 1917.

Ruth was tossed from a game against the Washington Senators after walking the leadoff hitter, Ray Morgan, and punching the umpire, Brick Owens, squarely in the jaw. In came Shore from the bullpen, and out went Morgan on Shore's second pitch. He was caught stealing.

Shore retired the next 26 batters in order, an accomplishment that was called a perfect game until the 1991 rule changes deemed it a "combined no-hitter."

"In a perfect game," the rules state, "no batter reaches any base during the course of the game" -- a stipulation that counted Morgan's appearance on first, and Ruth's appearance on the mound, against Shore's effort.

After a single batter Babe Ruth was so pissed off at the umpire that he popped him square in the jaw. That is completely awesome. Why does this not ever happen in our society today? Have we lost all ability for humorous overblown temper tantrums?

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