Enough With Homo & Simpson and Spygate

Thursday, May 15, 2008

It's for these stories to die it's time for me to not turn on my television or radio station and listen to people chronicling every minute detail of Homo & Simpson's relationship or of Matt Walsh and spygate. These stories are no longer in need of 24/7 coverage, they're in need of fading into the background only to be brought up in the case of some ridiculous new revelation.

For instance these stories would be acceptable news for the Homo & Simpson relationship. Certainly not a potential breakup, they've done that about 7 times already, rather it would be acceptable news and entertaining news if there was a Homo interview in which he disclosed that Jessica Simpson only allows anal sex because she doesn't want to loosen her other parts. Now that would be newsworthy, that would be entertaining. Not, hey look at Tony and Jessica on a date. Wow they're in public and not living in a Bubble, who gives a crap.

These stories would be acceptable for Spygate. Bill Belichick caught setting up voyeur cameras in the Road Locker room which he uses to give insult jokes for players on his staff. For instance, a potential conversation he could have with Richard Seymour.

"Hey Richard, I checked out the Jets locker room tape and not only does D'Brickashaw Ferguson have an incredibly small penis for a 6 foot 4 African American, but it looked like he intentionally dropped the soap in the shower multiple times looking for his fellow lineman to take advantage of him prison scene style. He almost looked disappointed and depressed when he left the shower."

Now breaking that story would be entertaining and newsworthy. Not rehashing over and over again that the Patriots taped teams signals. No kidding, we've known this for almost a full year.

So please media, can we just let these stories die until we actually get something that is at the very least relatively interesting.

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