This Man Is Not a Cleanup Hitter

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Remember when Joe Girardi was hired and everyone was ranting and raving about how smart he was and how he went to Engineering School and how he was a brilliant manager. I made the point back then that myself and all of my fellow engineer friends that I went to college with are for the most part idiots.

Well despite us being idiots I do not think any of us would ever come to the conclusion that hitting Shelley Duncan in the cleanup spot of a major league roster was a good idea. I don't care how many people are injured for the Yankees there are better options than putting a Quadruple A player in the 4 spot of the lineup. He was sent down to the minors in April for a reason, he wasn't good enough to be imperative to the club success. He's hitting below .200 right now has no home runs and has a single rbi in his 26 at bats. Last year in his 74 at bats he hit .257 with an OPS of .883. Granted he hit some clutch home runs last year, but he isn't that good.

Please Joe stop smashing your forehead on the dugout wall when making the lineup card.

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