African Americans Can't Swim, Who Knew?

Friday, May 02, 2008

Sometimes you really have to wonder why people spend money to do national studies that end up in results that everybody already knows. This time a study that comes to the conclusion that over double the percentage of African Americans in comparison to White Americans can't swim. The exact ratio of African Americans that can't swim according to this poll is a quite staggering 58% but do we really need a study to determine this? But fear not typical African American Youth you actually placed ahead of the Hispanic population as on average 66% of Hispanics can not swim. I'd imagine that of the 34% that can a vast majority of them are Cuban, but I could be wrong.

The study basically concludes that more parents need to have their children go to swimming lessons and in return these kids will eventually have their kids take swimming lessons creating a cycle of improved American Swimmers. Well no shit, if you want your kids to be able to swim you should get them lessons. Wow another big time breakthrough.

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