Getting to Miami: #4 Texas

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Step 1: Getting to the Big 12 Title Game

1. Win Out
2. Texas Tech Must Lose to Either Oklahoma St. or Oklahoma and preferably both

So here's where it breaks down after that. If Texas finishes in a two way tie with TT they are out of the Big 12 title game. If Texas finishes in a two way tie with Oklahoma or Okie St. they are in.

Three Way Tie Scenario 1: If Texas finishes in the 3 way tie with Texas Tech and Oklahoma St. they are likely in. Again the tie-breaker would be BCS standing and in the what have you done for me lately world Tech would fall below UT immediately after their loss. In addition in this scenario Okie St's victory over OU would be diminished because OU would be coming off a loss to TT. This would point to it being hard for OSU to overtake Texas.

Three Way Tie Scenario 2: If Texas finishes in a 3 way tie with TT and OU then they are almost certainly out. Why? Again in the what have you done for me lately world (WHYDFML), OU would finish with victories over #2 Texas Tech and a ranked OSU squad and those wins would put a twinkle in the voters eye. But in reality its not those wins that will boost them in the voters eyes its what the voters are already doing. Thanks again to the WHYDFML philosophy OU is already ahead of Texas in both the Harris and Coaches poll and just sits behind them in the intelligent computer polls. When OU beats OSU and TT coupled with TCU's impressive standing OU will certainly gain the needed ground on Texas to overtake them in the BCS.

Step 2: Get Some Outside Help

If Texas does in fact win the conference title game than they probably still need some outside help in the Big 10 or SEC but should be able to easily hold off USC.

A. Penn St. Loss: A Penn St. loss is a simply and clean open doorway for the Longhorns. If Penn St. loses than all they should have to do is take home the Big 12 title and book the trip.

B. Get a Alabama Loss: Preferably a loss this weekend to LSU or in the next two conference weeks. The last thing Texas wants is and undefeated Bama ranked #1 in the country facing off against a top 5 Florida squad. The hype of that matchup would dominate that of the Big 12 title game and would almost certainly put the winner in the championship. Any losses by either squad will certainly help out Texas immensely. If Florida loses and then beats Bama in the title game then Texas is a big winner. If Bama loses to LSU and then beats Florida in the title game then its on the Step 3.

Step 3: Politic

Mack Brown is great at politics. He will whine like a champ after the Big 12 title game that the Big 12 is the best conference this year and that they deserve to get in over USC and the SEC winner. And then it will be all up to the voters to decide if the SEC or Big 12 is better and that usually doesn't work out to well for the Big 12.

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