The 4:15 Rule Is Highly Annoying

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I hate when at 4:15 on Sunday afternoon you are told by Curt Menefee or James Brown that "Due to NFL Rules we can not show you the remainder of the game." Well thanks for that douches. Every damn weekend there seems to be a game going down to the wire or into overtime that is outside of my market that I can't watch because the NFL wants me to switch the damn channel over to whatever 4:15 game they have on the other station.

This weekend Fox politely turned on the Bengals vs. Eagles game which was on the brink of overtime. This was a game the Eagles needed to win, a loss or tie put them a game back and could do irreversible damage to their playoff hopes. Additionally, I have McNabb on my team and was praying for a breakaway td pass, so I was excited to watch the game. It was on for a few minutes and then... click, back to New York and Curt Menefee and his bullshit "Due to NFL" blah blah blah shit. The Steelers vs. Chargers was a quality game on CBS but excuse me if I'd rather watch an overtime session than the first quarter of another game.

I really don't get how this truly benefits either network. I understand they want you to click over and watch the entire second half of the double header and both network wants you to do this, but really most games are done by 4:20. Many games per year have a game winning field goal or game winning drive after 4:15 that unless you are in the market or fork over the ludicrous fees for the NFL Ticket you miss. And what's really the benefit? So I flip over to the double header 2 minutes earlier but annoyed I can't watch the end of an exciting game? Seriously that's bull shit.

In the long run it would all balance out. One week there would be a 1 pm game on Fox that drags out past 4:15, than the next week there would be one on CBS. No harm no foul for either network plus the fans get what they want. Would it be that hard to do the right thing?

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It's not for the networks' benefit, but for the teams'. It's so that people in Detroit are forced to follow the sucky Lions rather than watch teams that might actually be good.

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