Degrees of Loss Separation: Vandy > Florida

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Degrees of Loss Separation is a simple concept, I go out and find a highly rated team with some losses playing against a crappy team with lots of losses. Next I find a chain of losses which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt (not at all) that the underdog is going to pull the major upset and storm the field. The Final Outcome is calculated simply: Add up the scores of the losers, add up the scores of the winners in the degrees of loss separation and divide both by the # of degrees.

The Game: Florida Gators vs. Vanderbilt Commodores

Lots of talk is going on throughout Florida and the SEC conference as well as the rest of the nation that Florida may just have the inside track to the National Title game. This all runs under the assumption that the Gators will run the table and Texas Tech loses a game somewhere down the line. But what happens if the Gators get caught up in the hype and slip up at a weaker conference opponent, like say Vandy.

2ยบ of Loss Separation : Vandy > Ole Miss > Florida

The simplest of all the degrees, one team separating the two. Ole Miss played undefeated Vanderbilt at home in the 4th week of the season and lost by 6 after they failed to score at any point in the 2nd half while Vandy pulled off two field goals. The following week the Rebs went into the swamp and pulled off a shocker. They forced 3 fumbles had a 17 point outburst in the 3rd quarter and were able to hold off the Gators by a single point.

Final Outcome: Vandy 27 Florida 24

The match is pretty simple here. Ole Miss beat Florida by 1 and lost to Vandy by 6. Divide by 2 and round down and you get a 3 point BCS stunning victory by the Commodores.

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