Which Comment Was Dumber?

Monday, November 10, 2008

Yesterday on Pitt's final drive, Nantz had a brain fart and said that the Steelers should spike the ball to stop the clock. The problem was it was on 4th down which Phil Simms quickly pointed out. It was dumb, but it was a rushed spur of the moment suggesting. Unaware of the settings, which is kind of piss poor for a play-by-play guy who is supposed to always be in tune with the situation.

Than last night, Madden implored that Andy Reid must challenge whether or not Jacobs fumbled the football in the 4th quarter when driving to go ahead 13. He probably said it 5 times that Reid had to challenge the play. The problem? There was no doubt at all that Jacobs was down by contact prior to fumble. Not one semblence of a doubt. His elbow, his hip, his ass, and his back all hit the turf before the football popped out. It was obvious that challenging the play was simply throwing away a timeout. What happens? The challenge fails, obviously. The next play ends with another questionable fumble which should have been challenged because it was actually close. Reid wound up losing both challenges, the Giants scored a td, and at the end of the game the Eagles only had one timeout left allowing the Giants to easily run out the clock.

So which comment was dumber? My vote goes to Madden because he watched the replay several times and knew that it wouldn't be overturned yet he kept stubbornly saying that Reid had to challenge the play. At, least Nantz's was a result of quick paced play calling and not thought out stupidity.

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