The Big 5 College Football Games of Weekend #14

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Lots of big games this week and a couple of rivalry games like the Iron Bowl that just don't quite make the cut.

5. Oregon Ducks at Oregon State Beavers
Isn't this called the Civil War or something? Either way the Beavers need to beat their biggest rival to secure a spot in the Rose Bowl. If they can than they also significantly diminish USC's chances of playing in the Championship game. The Pick: Beavers by 6

4. Texas A&M Aggies at Texas Longhorns
This is usually a rivalry game and a few years back the Aggies mauled Colt McCoy almost to death in the upset victory. Unfortunately the Aggies pretty much suck this season and have little shot of upsetting their in-state rival. The Pick: Texas by 23

3. Kansas Jayhawks vs. Missouri Tigers in Kansas City
Missouri already clinched a trip to the Big 12 title game, why does this game have any meaning at all? Well that's pretty damn simple, computers. In all likelihood the Longhorns and Sooners tie-breaker will come down to the computers. The Longhorns have a victory over Mizzou which the Sooners do not. If the Tigers were to lose in their rival matchup it would incredibly help OU in the computer ballot.The Pick: Mizzou by 17

2. Florida Gators at Florida State Seminoles
The Gators are just 2 games away from playing in the National title game. The Seminoles would like nothing better than to watch Tim Tebow walk off the field disappointed and relegated to a potential Sugar Bowl trip. The Pick: Gators by 10

1. Oklahoma Sooners vs. Oklahoma State Cowboys
It's time for another statement game and a lot of politicking by Bob Stoops. Beating the Cowboys will certainly help in the computers but if they go into their rival and dominate than they could get some added human votes which could make all the difference in the world. The Pick: Sooners by 13

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