College Football Just Got Skinnier

Monday, November 03, 2008

Talk about a bad day for fat college coaches. Two staples of the stomach will be out of their jobs at the end of the season. Earlier today, Tom Amstutz the fat coach of Toledo who got the fun win at the Big House, announced today that he will resign at the end of the season. And now the news out of Knoxville is that Philip Fulmer is also out and the end of the season.

What a sad day for fat coaches everywhere. Amstutz while not prolific certainly shows the girth to make himself a household name in the future and this is certainly a setback. For Fulmer 17 years sweating through pole shirts in the SEC was an impressive run and its sad that we no longer shall envision him shoving his face into a pile of donuts after all of the losses against Florida.

Currently there is no word out of South Bend about whether Charlie's Staples are still intact, however sources in Lawrence claim that Mangino is still making his weekly trip to dominate the buffet.

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