NFL Week 10 Pick Suggestions

Friday, November 07, 2008

I absolutely hate the first Thursday night game because every single year I forget to make my pick for that game. Whatever I probably would have backed Brady Quinn anyway.

5. Detroit Lions (+6 1/2) vs. Jacksonville Jaguars
Ok ok this pick seems really really dumb and I really wouldn't put any money on it, but I'm loyal. The Lions have been spread champs the past few weeks and well I'm still riding the wave until the crash. (Which will almost certainly be sunday)

4. New Orleans Saints (+ 1/2) at Atlanta Falcons
I think that after the London victory the Saints are ready to bust into the next gear and start rattling off win after win after win.

3. Tennessee Titans (-3 1/2) at Chicago Bears
The Titans will lose this regular season but it will not be against the Sex Cannon, protegee of the Great Arm Punter.

2. Carolina Panthers (-9 1/2) at Oakland Raiders
The Raiders got three first downs last week. 3. Do we need to elaborate anymore why they are going to lose to a 6-2 football team by double digits?

1. New England Patriots (-3 1/2) vs. Buffalo Bills
The Bills are a product of luck and an easy opening schedule. They have come up flat the last two weeks within the division and they will do it again in the Razor.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle
San Diego because Norv Turner likes to dick people over in survivor leagues.

Non-Spread Picks

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