Off Topic: Layoff Days

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Today or Tomorrow is a massive layoff day for my business. The rumors start swirling around the office. This number or that number are going to get laid off. The layoff is going to happen in this location or that location. You hear them all. Different people have different information but chances are you want to know everything because you're curious about calculating the odds that your heads will be one of those on the blocks.

And then the day finally comes and eventually you see someone crying on your floor telling everyone they've been laid off. You'll see someone just resigned to the fact that they no longer have a job as they pack up their stuff into little brown boxes. It is nothing short of an incredible company moral boost.

Anyway, come this time tomorrow or Friday I may no longer have a job or a computer or a cell phone or essentially anything. We shall see.

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