NCAA Week 10 Power Rankings

Monday, November 03, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

And the Power Rankings get a major shakeup thanks to me being wrong about TT.

1. Texas Tech - And the Red Raiders shall rise to #1 in the land thanks to Michael Crabtree being a hero on the greatest play in program history. Now they just need to get by Oklahoma and Okie St. Not an easy task.Quality Wins: Kansas, Texas

2. Texas - So... I obviously had the drop the Longhorns behind the Raiders after their loss but... I couldn't drop them any further. I'm sorry they have one loss on the road to an undefeated team on the last play of the game. They also have the best collection of victories of anyone in the country. Granted their schedule is now cake so others have a chance to overtake them, but right now they are #2 to me. Quality Wins: Oklahoma(n), Mizzou, Oklahoma St.

3. Alabama -Bama drops because UGA didn't look so good this weekend against the Gators. Quality Wins: @Georgia

4. Penn St. - Pardon me as I root for all teams remaining on Penn St. schedule so I can not see the Big 10 get trounced in the National Title game 1 more time. Quality Wins: Illinois, Oregon St., @Ohio St.

5. Florida - So revenge is a dish best served with an assload of cocktails. Quality Wins: LSU, UGA(n) Bad Loss: Ole Miss

6. Oklahoma - So much for the rivalry with the black shirts. Up 35 nothing after 1 says game over. Oklahoma now has regained that shot at the BCS title game and I expect them to run the table the rest of the way. Quality Wins: TCU, Kansas, Nebraska

7. Oklahoma St. - Okie St. beat the crap out of Iowa St. which equals no big deal. With the TT win they now have new life and could potentially run the table and win the Big 12. Quality Wins: @Mizzou

8. USC - They shut out Washington, big deal. Quality Wins: Ohio State, Oregon Bad Loss: Oregon St.

9. TCU - The mormon victory keeps them in the top 11. Quality Wins: BYU

11. Utah - Utah played like garbage this weekend but held on. They get TCU next week in a power ranking elimination game. Quality Wins: @Air Force, Oregon St.

11. Georgia - Florida is great and all but UGA was embarrassed. That's a bad loss but I'm not going to kick them completely out of the top 11. Quality Wins: South Carolina, Vandy, @LSU Bad Loss: Florida(n)

Dropped Out: Nobody

Noticeable Absences: Boise St. is on the brink of the top 11.

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