NCAA Week 12 Power Rankings

Monday, November 17, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

Not very much movement in the power rankings due mostly to an incredibly boring weekend of college football.

1. Texas Tech - Headed to Sooner territory this week. Quality Wins: Kansas, Texas, Okie St.

2. Alabama -#2 is never a bad spot to be. The next two games are against Miss St. and Auburn both very winnable games. Then the tester against Florida. Quality Wins: @Georgia, @LSU

3. Texas - Hoping for an unimpressive Sooner victory. Quality Wins: Oklahoma(n), Mizzou, Oklahoma St., Kansas

4. Florida - Gave Papa Ball Coach a beatdown. Quality Wins: LSU, UGA(n) Bad Loss: Ole Miss

5. Oklahoma - Week off and now host Texas Tech in a make or break game. Quality Wins: Cincinnati, TCU, Kansas, Nebraska

6. USC - Still hoping someone knocks off the Beavers. Quality Wins: Ohio State, Oregon, Cal

7. Utah - Boredom weekend for them. Quality Wins: @Air Force, Oregon St., TCU

8. Penn St. - Indiana is terrible. Quality Wins: Oregon St., @Ohio St.

9. Oklahoma St. - The Mizzou win is carrying through pretty nicely. Quality Wins: @Mizzou

10. Boise St. -Another easy victory. Quality Wins: @Oregon

11. Georgia - Losing to Auburn would have been piss poor. South Carolina isn't good and neither is LSU so they flip flopped with Okie St. Quality Wins: Vandy, @LSU Bad Loss: Florida(n)

Dropped Out: TCU

Noticeable Absences: Ohio St. will not be ranked in the power rankings at any point this year.

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