Week 12 College Football Picture Caption

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Woo Paul Bunyan's Ass
Umm What Did You Say Nessler?

Well That Was A Close One
Next Week I'll Throw Three Pick Sixes

Why Does Unconquered Always Turn Into Conquered?

Tebow Is Swamp Thing
Percy Harvin is the Flash

A Solemnly Swear on the Bible
That There is No Frigging Way I'm Taking the Raiders Job

Wooooo Michigan Sucks
I Wonder If We Can Convince McGuffie to Come Here After He Transfers

I Told You I Haven't Thought About Next Year
I've Only Been Trying to Figure Out Where My Depends Are

We're Going to a Bowl Game

For Some Reason I Don't Think That Was Completed

The Blind Fold
It Didn't Quite Stop the Bama Beatdown
A Couple of Days Late on this But Whatever.

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