Ugh Michael Kay Says Dumb Things

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He just said something along the lines of "I like how people say that he's (CC Sabathia) never been hurt before because that means he's going to get hurt." He went on to rationalize that a Major League Baseball Arm is going to eventually get hurt at some time. Great logic there Michael. I can't decide whether this is better or worse logic than all the times he said that CC was eventually going to get hurt because he is fat, because you know that has infinite amount to do with his shoulder strength and stability.

Let's do some reverse Michael Kay logic...

That Rich Harden is in great shape, there's no way he ever gets injured.

That Mark Prior is always so unlucky and gets injured all the time, he certainly is going to be healthy the rest of his career.

I knew Ben Sheets was bound to have season where he didn't get injured. {September of 2008)

Andy Pettitte has a ridiculous work out regimen, there is no way his elbow will ever get injured.

I think sometimes Michael Kay should be smacked in the head just to see if it will shake up his brain enough to give semi-intelligent thoughts.

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