Can We At Least Give Fans the Chance to Not Vote Like Idiots

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've gone on the record before in saying how much I hate fans being allowed to vote for any All Star game. 99% of the time they vote strictly on popularity and barely get anything right. For instance The Jets Blog put up the current Pro Bowl Voting Leaders in the AFC and highlighted what Jets are on the list. And of course the Fans got almost nothing right.

~Brett played great last week, but top AFC vote getter? That's probably a bit much.

~D'Brickashaw is 2nd in votes for Tackles? Hasn't he been labeled a bust by the media? Plus the only person ahead of him is Jake Long. Voters obviously just say ooh top 5 draft pick, I'll check the box.

~Thomas Jones is 1st in the AFC in yards, carries and tied for 3rd in tds and he sits out of the top 5.

~Kris Jenkins is the reason why the Jets are 3rd in the NFL in rushing defense and yet he sits 3rd on the list.

~Darrelle Revis is arguably one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL and yet because it's his 2nd year and because no team ever throws the ball in his direction he is not in the top 5.

~Leon Washington is 2nd in the NFL in kick off return average and 3rd in the AFC in punt return average but 4th in the Pro Bowl voting.

Ok so I've got at least a semi-solution. Sure you can't stop people from being dumb and voting based on people they like, but at the very least you can give them a context of their stupid voting. Like first and foremost how about you put the statistics of each player directly next to their name so that you could know that Champ Bailey has only played 7 games and has one lone interception. Perhaps it should be important to remind voters one last time the teams record so that perhaps they could use that as a tie-breaker in their decision making process.

Eh, who am I kidding people are morons, there will never be a way to stop their stupidity.

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