Getting to Miami: #5 Florida

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Step 1: Run the Table

Any loss for Florida immediately eliminates them from title contention.

Step 2: Get Some Help

If both Texas Tech and Penn St. run the table it will be very very difficult for the Gators to get to the title game no matter how many Style points they garner. So they really need one of them to lose, preferably Penn St. If Penn St. loses than winning out should be enough to get to the title game. If TT loses than style points come into play big time*. So here are Florida's style point options.

Option 1: Alabama is #1 and Still Undefeated

In this situation Florida would likely come into the game ranked behind Penn St., Bama and potentially Oklahoma and/or Texas. The benefit for the Gators will be in their matchup and the hype of the game. If the Gators go in and beat the #1 team it should be pretty simple task for them to pass the Big 12 South Rep whose win will likely come against 2 loss Mizzou.

Option 2: Bama Loses in the Next 3 Weeks

If this happens it significantly diminishes the Gators chances of jumping the Big 12 team. The worst case scenario would be if Bama picked up 2 losses and the Gators played LSU in the title game. This game would get even less hype than the Big 12 game. A win over LSU or 1 loss Bama would not give much of a boost over a Oklahoma or Texas team dump trucking Mizzou who will probably be top 10 at the time.

Step 3: Politic

The need to politic will come if A) Penn St. and TT are undefeated or B) Option 2 occurs. If A, then Florida will have to drug a lot of people and convince them to vote them over Penn St. They will need some pretty ridiculous style points to have any chance at this. This means facing #1 Undefeated Alabama in the title game and winning by about 40. If B then again its about style points and who they're up against. After the game Florida's signature wins will be UGA, Bama and LSU. No matter which Big 12 team makes it their wins will be comparable. Texas would have wins over Oklahoma, Mizzou *2 and Okie St. Oklahoma would have wins over TCU, Mizzou, Okie St., and TT. TT would have wins Texas, Mizzou, Okie St. and/or OU. Style points and politicking would decide who conference is in and which is out.

*If the Big 12 North Wins the Title Game than it matters not style just winning the out should do the trick.

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