Tackling the QB Apparently is llegal

Monday, November 03, 2008

This is Justin Tuck hitting Brooks Bollinger a fraction of a second after Bollinger releases the ball. Tuck is running at full speed wraps up Bollinger and drives him into the ground, because well that's how you tackle someone. Additionally Bollinger left his feet on the throw so Tuck naturally lifted him into the air. All in all in looked like a hard but 100% clean hit. There was no spearing, no helmet to helmet just wrap up and drive to the ground. And yet he was flagged for a 15 yard personal foul for quote unquote 'Tackling with all his Body Weight'.

Seriously Roger if you don't want QBs to get injured just throw a red shirt on them and make it 2 hand touch because if a similar call is ever made in an important situation and not when a team is completely dominating it would be a complete sham.

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