Mack's Got a Vote and Stoops Does Not

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In a wonderful twist to this whole Big 12 BCS tie-breaking bullshit, Mack Brown has a vote in the USA Today Coaches Poll and Bob Stoops does not. How stupid is that? The Coaches Poll consists of 61 of the 119 Division 1 Head Coaches, why it doesn't include all of them just seems ludicrous. I can't find how the poll decides who is allowed to and who is not allowed to vote but it seems completely ridiculous that Texas and Oklahoma's spot in the Big 12 title game comes down to essentially a vote and Texas starts out with a 1-0 lead.

The worst part is it's not as if Mack Brown just had a one vote advantage over Oklahoma. Mack Brown could essentially vote the Longhorns #1 and Oklahoma out of the top 25 if he chose to and while that would be disgraceful and completely shady and perhaps his vote would be relinquished next year, chances are the public wouldn't find out. Why? Because the Coaches Poll is anonymous until the final week of the year, so USA Today will not publish Mack nor anyone else's vote on Sunday.

Hoorah for College Football being even shadier than I thought ten minutes ago.

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