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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Explain the BCS to someone that does not understand it. Last night I spent approximately 20 to 25 minutes trying to explain everything to my girlfriend (not 100% sure why she was interested). We started how the BCS standings currently work, the Big 12 Championship game, the three way tie, how the winner of Bama and Florida are likely in, how some conferences have a title game and others don't, how if Missouri wins the Big 12 title then essentially the voters will be able to choose between USC, Texas, or Penn St and how some voters say they won't vote for a team in the top 2 if they don't win their respective championship, etc.

Just go over everything you can logically explain it will take awhile. And then in completing this task and explaining it to someone that has limited idea of how everything works you will gain a greater sense of just how stupid the BCS is and how stupid not having a playoff is.

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