The Raiders Are Hilarious

Friday, November 07, 2008

The Raiders cut Deangelo Hall early this week, this we all know. The reason for cutting him is a little mysterious. Obviously they didn't want to pay him the massive money that they stupidly agreed to in the offseason, but it does seem a bit rash to cut a man in the middle of the season who was unwilling to renegotiate his deal again during the middle of the season. Shouldn't he be concentrating on playing football?

Anyway one of the reasons that was thrown about as to why they were so in need of cutting cap money was opening up the monetary sources to resign the better Cornerback on their team Nnamdi Asomugha. Well they might have to go in another direction with the offseason spend cause I don't think he wants to be there:

"I'm not on board with what happened to DeAngelo," said Asomugha, a defensive team captain. "I don't agree with what's going on. ... You can only bite your lip and play football."

"This is a soap opera over here," Wilson said. "I've never been in a situation where you cut one of the best players. That's strange to me. It's almost like you're throwing in the towel."
SF Chronicle

Throw on top of this the fact that DeAngelo Hall's agent said that he has been contacted by 15 teams about signing Hall, and the Raiders should just be turned into a Sitcom.

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