Week 13 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, November 24, 2008

Roses For the Old Man
Were They For the Rose Bowl or a Get Well for Hip Replacement Surgery?

This Is An Incomplete Pass
Enjoy the Cotton Bowl Graham

Mommy Said I Could Have Another Cookie

Gatorade Dodging
Undefeated Coaches Are Always Fleet of Foot

Dude It'll Be Ok
Yale Losing 'The Game' Isn't Really a Big Deal

ND Sucks
Seriously You Lost to Syracuse? Seriously?

Brains + Brawn
A Rhodes Scholarship at FSU? So He Didn't Use the Peter Warrick Discount?

AHHHHHHH It Tastes Like Crap
Who Put Poop on the Apple Cup?

So You're Going to Kill Us Aren't You?
Ya, You Are Going to Get Obliterated

Blowin Lines
Is Blowing Snow Better or Worse than Blowing Leafs?

Football + Snow = Awesome
Snow Makes Every Football Picture 1000 Times Cooler

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