Kurt Angle Wants to Kick Some Ass

Monday, November 03, 2008

Kurt Angle just appeared on the Max Kellerman on 1050 ESPN Radio to announce his intentions of shopping himself around for an MMA fight. He stated that he is in great physical shape, planning on getting a physical for MMA on Tuesday and that his intentions are to get himself a high paying fight due to the itch to test out his skills in the MMA ring. His ideal fight would be facing off against the winner of Lesnar and Couture, and he further stated that in a backstage fight against Lesnar he was able to get the better of the bigger man thanks to his quickness and center of gravity.

The interview centered mostly around Kurt Angle's history as a fighter and his decision to join the WWE rather than venture into the world of MMA following his gold medal victory in Atlanta in 1996. His decision was obviously a financial one. In the mid 90s MMA still in its infancy did not offer the cash that was available at WWE, so despite the itch to still fight Angle chose the more stable option. Monetarily it certainly worked out for Angle who turned out to become one of the WWEs top draws in the late 90s and early 00s but during the course of the interview it was highly evident that he never lost the itch to fight and semi-regretted the decision in retrospect.

Angle now 40 currently employed by TNA and far removed could potentially still be a big draw based on name value alone. The obvious choice from my perspective would have been Elite XC before they folded as they would have gratefully taken an unproven but easily marketed individual. But now I'm not sure where he goes, but I doubt it will turn out to be UFC who seemingly isn't in it for the quick fix.

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