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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Want to talk trash about the Pats? Why not do it anonymously and talk to a New York Reporter. Here's the New York Post's Mark Cannizaro:

One Jets offensive player, who spoke under the condition of anonymity because he didn't want to provide bulletin board fodder for the Patriots, talked about being "sick to our stomachs" about the Jets' 19-10 loss in Week 2 at the Meadowlands. He felt the Patriots were vulnerable - particularly on defense. Not to mention it was the first game with Matt Cassel at quarterback, after Tom Brady was injured in Week 1 vs. the Chiefs.

The player spoke matter-of-factly about how "slow" and "old" a number of the New England defenders are and how he believes the Jets should be able to put up "a lot of points" on them tonight.

The Week 2 loss was maddening to the Jets. They thought that was their chance to finally beat their division rival. Cassel was starting his first NFL game. Yet the result was the same - a teasingly close game in which the Patriots simply made fewer mistakes and won. Again.

Ok talking trash anonymously is lame. Pure and simple it's lame. And it won't keep anything off of a bulletin board. But honestly I'd rather see someone on the Jets say they think the Pats are old and slow and that they should be able to put up a lot of points then some of the other stuff they have been saying. If anything overconfidence is better than the second fiddle feeling that other Jet players seemingly have.

Oh and if I had to guess who said it, I'd go with Thomas Jones.

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