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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tonight must be the night. It doesn't matter how, the score it doesn't matter, blown calls won't matter or any ridiculous plays of luck won't matter, tonight is simply a Pass or Fail Course. To Pass means that potentially the Jets can beat the Patriots. It means that even when Tom Brady comes back next year and their roster is healthy that there will be some hope of victory. A failure no matter how close no matter the cause means that this is the same old Jets, little brother who tries to challenge the older brother but always gets smacked in the face and laughed at.

Coming into the season I just accepted that the Jets were going to lose 2 games to the Pats and hoped that they would find a way to win 10 other games and sneak into the playoffs. But it's a different scenario now that Brady is injured. I have hope, I have legitimate reasons for thinking the Jets can win tonight. They have a better ranked defense. They have a better ranked offense. They have the second most sacks in the NFL. They have the quarterback with more experience. They have one significant injury to Harris while the Pats are without Harrison, Thomas, Brady and are on their 4th string running back.

All I can think about is if not now then when? If we can't beat a beaten down Pats team without the greatest QB of our time, without two of their starting defenders and with a mediocre secondary, then how exactly could I ever expect the Jets to beat the Patriots. If they don't win tonight, I won't be pissed off, I will be depressed. I will light up the white flag from here til Tom Brady's retirement in understanding that the Jets just aren't good enough.

But if they win, oh if they win, I will celebrate. Everything will look better this weekend. I will enjoy a friday at work I will enjoy waking up at 6 am and going to class on saturday. I will enjoy the winters cold. Nothing will be able to deter my glee.

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