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Monday, June 09, 2008

~NBA Finals

~Did I not say that the Celtics bench was significantly better than the Lakers bench? Leon Powe is actually good unlike many of the players on the Lakers bench. He is athletic, big and strong. He's not a superstar but he's good enough to contribute and because he played the most important game of his career the Celtics are up 2-0.

~At the start of the 4th quarter I figured the Celtics would just need to get to around 100 as they shouldn't really give up 40+ points in the overtime so I thought 17 points in the fourth quarter would be the magic number. But I guess they just really didn't want to play defense the final 12 minutes. They're lucky they make their free throws, unlike Memphis, or they would have been victims to the worst NBA game collapse ever.

~I hope we don't hear anything more about Paul Pierce's "I needed to get carried off the court cause I thought I blew out my knee but I was obviously completely wrong, I was actually pretty fine". It's a bit pathetic. This is coming from a guy who survived several stab wounds.

~I liked the Lakers strategy of not getting Kobe the ball the final possession. They should run more of those plays.

~It's nice to see Ray Allen making some buckets. Jesus Shuttlesworth should not struggle in the NBA finals.

~Phil Jackson whining is pretty annoying. Perhaps your team would get more calls if they actually drove to the hoop rather than took jump shots. The reason Powe had so many free throw attempts is because he attacked the basket. Perhaps your team should simply foul less.

~When is Scalabrine gonna get some PT?


~Ivanovic won her first major which means apparently she can go out and celebrate by wearing an ugly shirt and posing with the trophy in front of the Eiffel Tower. I could certainly think of plenty of things that would be more entertaining, like getting trashed and vomiting on some stuffy french guy for instance.

~Perhaps if I saw Borg play live I would think differently but its hard for me to believe that there has ever been a better clay court player than Nadal. He's trounced everyone for 4 straight years in Paris. It's a foregone conclusion that he's winning the French Open even more so than it is that Federer is winning Wimbledon.

~Essentially Federer learn his clay court game too late. If he was playing like this 5 years ago he would have his coveted final piece. But instead he is not going to get it.

~Additionally I hate people who say don't compare Federer to Tiger Woods because Woods won in every scenario. Woods doesn't have a Nadal. Imagine if Woods was dominant in the British Open yet there was one player who owned the Links courses one player who grew up on the Links Courses and shot consistent 15 under tournaments. Well Federer has that opponent, Woods doesn't. If Federer didn't have the greatest Clay Court specialist in his era he'd have 3 more majors, possibly 4.

~Horse Racing

~How many jockey's could you fit inside Shaq? I'm going with 5.

~I'm not very surprised Big Brown couldn't get it done, history has said that the Belmont is by far the hardest race for these horses to win. Additionally, they kept on mentioning that during Big Brown's training he never eclipsed a mile nevermind a mile and a half. Just think about if you were training for a marathon and you only ran a half mile once in training. Do you think you would be able to go out and dominate people who had trained their bodies to go 20+ miles. I certainly don't.

~I don't get why people are so upset that others bring up the value of the horse in regards to pulling him up instead of pushing him. Sure part of the reason he was pulled up was for the general safety of any horse, but could you imagine how ruined that jockey's career would be if he pushed Big Brown to the limits and the horse died and the owners lost out on millions upon millions of dollars. Someone getting shot and killed is miserable period but theres a reason that the President has a limitless protection its a bigger deal if he dies.

~I picked Icabad Crane and in typical fashion he finished 2nd to last. Woo, this is why I don't gamble. My girlfriend picked Dennis of Cork, he finished 2nd.

~I wish I dumped my life saving on De'Cody. That would have been a house.


~Is improving your life as simple as growing a mustache? Seriously Johnny Damon and Jason Giambi were miserable at the start of the season and now with porn stache's they are raking. F'n Damon went 6 for 6 on saturday. On May 26th Damon's average was .265, after this weekend it sits at .328. In 12 games he's bumped his average by 60 points. Meanwhile Giambi is hitting walk off homers off an elite closer. Mustaches should be the next corporate trend.

~The Yanks are now 1-1 in starts made by Joba. Obviously starting Joba is not the cause of the apocalypse as members of the media were saying.

~Apparently the kid the Yankees drafted in the first round that MLB compared to Kyle Farnsworth is actually a Yankee fan and is pictured here at Game 6 of the 2001 World Series holding up a sign.

~The Mets getting swept by the Padres is quite pathetic. Especially when you have a 2 run lead going into the 8th inning and you eventually serve up a 3 run home run to 95 year old Tony Clark.

~Rafael Furcal is arguably the most annoy player to have on your fantasy team right now. He was supposed to return from the DL about 5 times already. But now they're just throwing out random days just because.

~How much of a douche do you have to be to get cut from your team after going 4-1 with a 3.88 ERA. Apparently you need to be a douche the size of Sir Sidney Ponson.

~I guess Manny and Youk got into a spat on Thursday because Manny doesn't like how Youk flips out every time he gets out.

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