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Friday, June 06, 2008

(Um for some reason Blogger didn't publish this yesterday. It simply left it scheduled to publish, who the hell knows why)

I figure I should at least give some kind of opinion on what is going to happen starting this evening. I picked the Celtics to win the NBA title at the beginning of the season for selfish reasons. I like one team from Boston, the Celtics and I want a piece of this championship run.

Anyway let's do a brief Roster Spot Comparison:

Starters: 2-1-2 Celtics

Derek Fisher vs. Rondo: Fisher's old, Rondo can't shoot I vote push.

Kobe vs. Ray Ray: Kobe hates Ray Ray will torch him and Ray Ray hasn't been making shots I vote big advantage Lakers.

Lamar vs. The Truth: Lamar is good but he isn't the Truth, he's more like science fiction I vote advantage Cs

Rad-Man vs. Perk: These players do nothing similar and nothing great I vote Push.

Pau vs. KG: They'll be covering each other and I think this is closer than most people but I vote KG.

Bench: 3-1-3 Celtics

Walton vs. Posey: They do similar things, Posey is a better defender and knocks down 3s I vote Posey

Vujacic vs. House: They see the court simply to shoot the ball its close but I vote Sasha

Mbenga vs. Brown: Brown has the potential to knock down shots I dont think Mbenga does anything I vote Brown.

Farmar vs. Cassell: Cassell is all but done but the nut dance has at least one more go round I vote push.

Ariza vs. T Allen: Both players are there to play tough D and nothing else I vote push

Turiaf vs. Davis: Similar players advantage Push.

Karl vs. Powe: Coby doesn't see the court, Powe could contribute I vote Powe.

Coaching: ∞-0 Lakers

Hopefully this series doesn't come down to coaching decisions. That would be very very bad for the Celtics.

Dead Ghost Presence: ∞-0 Celtics

There are no Lakers ghosts in the arena (Wilt is to busy having sex with your dead relatives). Meanwhile the Celtics have one pissed of Red who will be pulling out everything to keep Phil from passing him.

Cheerleading: Push

Turiaf and Scalabrine should seriously go head to head in a spirit finger showdown to the death. Turiaf may be a little more animated but he actually plays. All of Scals of exuberance is in jeans and a sport coat making his cheerleading skills slightly more genuine.

Final Tally: ∞+5-∞+2-6 Celtics

Both of these teams are pretty even at ∞, but the Celtics have the slight edge once Red balances out the Lakers coaching advantage. So that's why the Celtics are going to win this one in 7.

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